Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In the Now

This year coming up is sure to be a busy one. Exciting and new, challenging and rewarding. It is something to look forward to, but I find myself looking forward too much. I have been trying to bring myself back to the present to focus on and enjoy what is going on around me, for there is oh, so much to enjoy right now. Trips to beautiful places, a lush garden outside my backdoor, celebrating and sharing time with loved ones, the wildlife busying about these summer months, and simple daily tasks that I don't need to rush through as much as I do. So focusing on the now!

Yesterday evening I took a walk through the berry bushes and shared the first of this summers raspberry harvest (with some garden strawberries too) with loved ones.

I also found the first of the tomatoes. A bright red grape tomato, juicy and sweet.

In just a few days there will be a retirement party for my dad, with even more friends and family to enjoy. Right now is a good place to be, even if the future is full of things to look forward to.

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