Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring, or Something Like It

'snow' on my neighbour's lawn. the rain sure did a number on his cherry tree blossoms

Yesterday, I spent what little time it wasn't raining out in the garden. Wet ground makes the abundance of weeds easier to pull and the rain keeps the bees at bay. My neighbour wont pull his weeds, so they spread into our garden and are spread further by my sweet Lola who runs through them. I find myself pulling seeds out of her fur every time she comes inside. After the weed pulling I spend several minutes warming my freezing cold, muddy hands under the tap, then curled up under a blanket and sipped on some hot chocolate. This is quite a Spring!

After warming up I went back outside to partake in the first harvest of the season - Rhubarb.

A delicious - and warm - rhubarb crisp was much enjoyed on this chilly Spring day. The warmth of the oven was a nice bonus.

I also took advantage of the extra time I have now that homework is through and my lesson planning done to work on some more crochet.

I've started to assemble the granny square blanket. I have a couple more rows to add on too. I think I will just keep adding, and sewing them together as a I go, until I feel the project is done. I plan to make a lap blanket rather than a full size. The yarn is quite bulky and it would just be too heavy. A nice lap blanket would be nice to curl up under on days like this.

I also purchased the yarn for my Tea Leaves cardigan, which I cannot wait to start on. It was a challenge finding a shop that carried enough skeins of the Madeline Tosh yarn I wanted to use, but they're on their way to me now!

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