Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quilt Inspiration

Several months back I purchased this fat quarter set of Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannels. I had been admiring this fabric for a long while, and finally convinced myself I really needed some in my life. The plan was a colourful and oh, so soft quilt top. I spent weeks cutting out the squares, here and there when I needed breaks between assignments and planning.

My stack grew and grew until I was ready to start piecing it together. And then I hit a snag..I hated how it looked when I layed the squares out. The softness and beauty of each print was lost among a vibrant, busy, mess of flannel.

Feeling defeated, I let the squares sit in a pile for months. I barely looked at them and did not want to have anything to do with this quilt. It wasn't until I stumbled upon the beautiful blog of a craft mama that I changed my tune. Inspiration hit! She had split the fabrics into colours and made a double sided quilt. Of course! Now, why didn't I think of that? I quickly pulled out my flannel squares and started sorting.

One side for the pinks and yellows..

and one for the blues/greens with a little purpley-pink thrown in because I didn't have enough.

And now? Now I love this quilt.

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