Saturday, March 19, 2011

Patchwork Quilts

I love love love patchwork. I've never been a huge fan of cutting out squares and squares of fabric, it can be so tedious, but I love the result. A while back I started working out cutting out the squares for my Good Folks flannel quilt top. I decided I would work slow with this one, only cutting out squares when I needed to busy my hands and really not do much thinking at all. It helped to hand that fabric and do some simple work when I needed a break from lesson planning and marking, and the flannel fabric is just heaven on the fingers. Still, I am not exactly in love with the square cutting. I am excited to get to my favourite part of the project - the sewing. I love sewing - slowly building something from pieces of fabric.

Near the end of the summer I started a project for a friend's new baby. For some reason or other I did not ship out that project until today. I feel awful, but hopefully the little guy can still use it. It's one of my favourite things I have made.

The fabric for this one is My Happy Garden by Cloud 9 Fabric. Is it not the perfect collection for a baby quilt? They have such sweet patterns and collections, and their fabric is so light and soft. This was a very simple project. The only 'quilting' I did was stitching along either side of all the seams to make it look more finished. The back is a yellow minky which was heavy and thick enough that I didn't bother lining it.

I hope he likes it!

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