Monday, January 17, 2011

A Creative Resource Flower

One of my assignments this semester was to come up with a creative resource that would help teach a Scientific concept to students of a grade of our choosing. I decided to steer clear of my usual book projects and get crafty with this one. I chose to do grade one Understanding Life Systems, specifically characteristics and functions of plants. I sewed up a 3D model that starts as a seed and blooms into a flower.

The roots were added after this photo was taken, but they can be pulled out of the seed first.

The whole project is made out of felt, save for the hemp string roots and the stamens in the flower, which I picked up in the bridal section of my local craft store. I sewed wires into the petals so they can be bent into a bud and then opened up. It was very simple to make, I just made the pattern up as I went.

Of course growing a real plant in the classroom would be a more valuable learning tool, but this can be used in conjunction with that as a lesson prop, and something to refer to and to be played with over the unit.

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