Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Update That is Long Overdue.

I seem to come in and out of using this blog on a regular basis and I am always trying to change that. I think for now I'm not going to make any promises and will post whenever the opportunity arises.

A new (temporary) home

This past Fall saw a lot of changes. I experienced the passing of my dear 19 year old cat just days before moving to Peterborough to attend the Faculty of Education at Trent University. There was the business of classes and school work during the week, and trips to Toronto on weekends to spend time with my fiance, family, and of course more school work. There was my first 'real' photography gig. There have been new friendships, and new experiences, joys, and challenges with field placements. There were forever homes for the foster cats, including one right here. There has been a little time for new thrift haunts and Pyrex spotting.

some thrift finds
Charlie, our new family member

There has been no less than three car accidents, more than one hospital visit, and some family drama. There was anticipation and excitement with a new pregnancy, and devastation when it came to an end nine weeks later. This Fall was something. As the season changes to Winter I am hopeful for new experiences, and maybe a little less grief. There will also be a knit-a-thon coming up that I am excited to share in this space.

Living by the lake has been nice..

but maybe not so much in the winter.

Right now I am in Toronto for a three week break. I'm not enjoying it yet because I am in bed with the flu. Once I'm feeling better I am hoping to relax and enjoy some 'me' time before getting started on that pile of school work that is waiting for me.

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