Sunday, June 21, 2009


Rain and me, we never got along. I always knew the Earth was better for the rain, but I certainly was not. It was wet and smelly and ruined a lot of potentially fun days. After I was considered too old to jump in puddles (which you never truly are, but try convincing my mom of that!), rain meant indoor days at my great-uncle's cottage, wet tents and tons of mosquitos, cancelled trips to Wonderland, postponed picnics and beach days, indoor recess, and a host of other things that equalled boring and just not very good at all. Often my brother and I ended up inventing games or discovering something new and interesting, and we'd have a blast, but when I woke up and peaked out the curtain to be greated by grey sky and wet ground, I was still convinced it was going to be a terrible day. As I grew older, rain meant wet shoes and pant hems, bad drivers, cancelled outings, and closed roller coasters. I really wanted to embrace the rain, but try as I might, I never fully could.

This year rain and I have called a truce. Rain doesn't seem nearly so bad when you see your plants shoot up after each rain fall. When you really think about how important rain is and all that it does for us, instead of just 'knowing', rain is actually pretty cool. It might be a little selfish, but planting this garden of mine has changed my mind. When it rains now, I become excited to see how my garden will change and grow. When rain stops me from doing something, I think about what it is doing for me instead. If the rain has you down, you might want to try planting a little garden of your own.

(Just don't rain too much.)

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