Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Goods.

I really don't like to think of myself as materialistic, although I guess in some ways we all are. Some of us more than others. I hate to admit it, but part of the fun of travelling to the US for me is the shopping. There are stores we don't have here, and things I see posted about all over blogs that come from places that don't even ship to Canada or that charge very high amounts to ship here. It is always nice to be able to go to those places when I'm there.

Months and months ago I saw the Orla Kiely for Target line popping up all over blogs. Cute prints in fun colours on all kinds of accessories. I especially loved the dishes, and kept picturing them at a picnic or on my backyard table on a summer night. I found a few pieces on ebay, but the prices were jacked up and the shipping was incredibly high since dishes tend to weigh quite a bit. Our trip gave me perfect opportunity to search these out for myself, although fitting them in my luggage would be a challenge. You can bet those mugs were packed full of socks and wrapped in t-shirts, and the bowl stuffed with clothes.

They didn't have exactly what I wanted, but I think these are just perfect. The only issue being there are only three plates and three mugs in two different colours. That was all they had. They will just have to be used at gatherings of three, which happens quite often right now - perfect!

Looking a this picture makes me anxious for those summer dinners out on the patio. I can't wait!

Undies are another thing. I always manage to come home with at least five pairs of underwear. At least that keeps me going a while! And they're comfy, which is a must.

Yes, I did just post a picture of my undies!

I did do some shopping at the parks, but I'm happy to say that in a land of Mickeys, very few red shorted mice came home with me.

I mostly stuck to the store in 'Japan' at Epcot where I found lots of Shinzi Katoh (a favourite artist of mine) and other cute stationary. I was very tempted by the stores in 'Norway' and 'Germany' that were full of beautiful Christmas decorations (even Erzgebirge), but the prices were much too high.

Just a couple mice..

(Mike Mouse Vinylmation)

..but mostly park maps (free with admission) to add to my collection.


Vonlipi said...

I know,I know! Shopping in the U.S. is the best!!!

I have an ever growing shopping list! Food stuff, spices,hair thingies, coffee you name it it's probably on that list! LOL

Ok it might be materialistic but one shouldn't forget about the FUN factor!

Anonymous said...

American shopping is an art in itself! :)
Hey, just a thoght... If there's mug/plate designs that you like in the states, but can't get them here - there's a mug/plate decorating place somewhere in toronto (unsure of the name atm) but you could print out designs, and paint them on yourself...
that just seems like something you'd enjoy :)

loliecraft said...

Vonlipi - I love going grocery shopping in the US too! They have all the best cereals.

Nikki - That's a good idea! I'm really not a great painter, but it should be fun anyway. Thanks for the tip!