Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Pancake Bowl.

I have been spending much of my spare time studying, and because of that I feel that my blog is moving away from the original purpose I created it for - crafting. I haven't had much time to share the projects I have been working on, but I do hope to get back to that very soon. Final exams are taking place this coming week. Usually we would have been finished the semester long ago, but the strike that took place from November until February set us back. We are nearing the end though! I do have time for a quick update, though not related to crafting. This one is about a dear neighbour.

Al, my neighbour from three doors down, passed away last week. He was always very kind to us, and as the majority our neighbourhood has moved away from caring neighbourly relationships to closed off folk, he has been one of the ones who has stayed true. He was always up for a quick chat and a friendly wave. He had a cat that was easily mistaken for our Snowie. Sometimes we'd have to do a double take when we saw his girl running about the neighbourhood. Snowie is an indoor cat (except for the occasional supervised romp in the garden), so we'd worry she got out.

This morning his daughter was selling off some of the things they didn't want to keep, and I got this green Pyrex bowl.

It was his pancake bowl. It's scratched from the hundreds of batches of pancake batter mixed up inside - it was well loved. It reminds me of my mom's red bowl, and they are actually from the same set. Funny how each of them had only one bowl from the same set.

I am glad to have a little reminder of him, in the form of something I am fond of anyway. It is the perfect addition to my Pyrex collection, and the perfect memory of a dear neighbour.


Vonlipi said...

That is why i love Pyrex so much!

I love hearing the stories behind the bowls...My mother only had that green bowl left also. I remember some cake baking but not much else. Yours looks in better shape than mine. I am sure you will treasure this bowl always.

loliecraft said...

Yes! I love surrounding myself with things with some history and meaning in them. That's definitely part of the fun of collecting Pyrex for me. Even if I'm not sure where the pieces have come from, it's fun to think about who might've owned them before. I really love hearing the stories too!