Monday, May 18, 2009

In the Garden.

Things are growing around here, and now that the soil bee situation is solved (they don't sting, they enrich the soil, they can stay) there are more things preparing to grow. The weather has been a little off this year, the risk of frost is still present even though we're nearing the end of May, so extra care has been taken. Many a night have ended with the pitching of newspaper tents over frost senstive flowers.

The seeds have been sown in the warm soil of the 'bee bed'. This is where the beans and peas will grow. Until they do, I am enjoying the already flowering plants, both finishing and starting.

Tulips a little weathered from the rainstorms we've had.

Sweet little Forget Me Nots.

The Currant bush just starting to blossom.

It has also been nice to see others out enjoying the garden. This one has perked up quite a bit since she's been able to explore the backyard. Don't worry, she can't climb the fences.

And what dog doesn't love to roll around on warm grass? Many days to come will be spent outside watching things grow!

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