Friday, March 27, 2009


Spring is starting to pop up all around me. It's a welcome change from the cold winter months. There are things I enjoy about winter, but it's nice to see more colour and warmth in the world around me. I am sure I'm speaking a bit too soon as I have a feeling this warm weather is just a sneak peek of what is to come. Still, it makes me look forward to planting, going on picnics, riding bikes, going on long drives up north, and everything that comes with the Spring for me.

Early today I snapped a few pictures of what is going on around me.

It's easy to see all the green, but there are hints of other colours peeking out too. This vibrant pink/red of our rhubarb plant was a welcome sight.

I love the way the leaves of thsee plants curl and twist.

And these tiny pink tips.

Lola sure enjoyed a romp in the backyard on this Spring afternoon!

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