Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pyrex Love.

I've officially jumped on the Pyrex bandwagon. I love Pyrex! My mom has always had a few pieces of Pyrex in her kitchen, and while I have fond memories of cooking and baking in them, and I loved the weight and feel of those mixing bowls, I didn't think they were all that special. Last summer while at an Antique Market I came across these little pink Pyrex dishes that I immediately fell inlove with.

I later learned that the pattern name for these is Pink Gooseberry. I hadn't realized all the great patterns these dishes come in. I just wanted more and more, and it did not help that one of my favourite flickr members is an avid Pyrex collector with an amazing collection.

While I wanted more pieces, I didn't come across any more until late into the fall when I found these at a Church Bazaar.

Town & Country and Snowflakes! Perfect for holiday dishes.

Again, I didn't find anything else until today (unless you count the little plate I found thrifting) when I visited the Antique Market where I got the Pink Gooseberry dishes.

I went a little crazy, but how could I not with these great colours and patterns? The Butterprint Turquoise is a favourite pattern of mine, and the Pink Daisy..well, it's pink!

I cannot wait to mix and create in these bowls. I assembled this set from different booths around the Market, but the smallest bowl was nowhere to be found.

A sweet mixing bowl in the same Butterprint pattern.

And a refrigerator dish sans lid. I couldn't pass it up, I just love the rooster print. It looks like I'm trying to assemble a Butterprint collection! There were several pieces I passed up though, like the large butterprint casserole dish and the Shenandoah Cinderella bowls (that one I'm regretting, but the price was a little high). I couldn't buy everything, even if I wish I could have.

I almost passed on this one because I wasn't sure if I could scrub it clean, but I'm glad I didn't. It's such a cute piece and it suits me well.

I'm going to have to find more room to store these things if I allow my little collection to grow. Yes, I love Pyrex!


Frazzled amateur said...

OMG those are so friggin cute.

Vonlipi said...

Say it loud! be proud! Pyrex is wonderful!

I'm glad you jumped on the band wagon!

Happy collecting :)

Em said...

I just stumbled across your blog (by reading comments on Posie Gets Cozy). Beautiful! Your kitty reminds me of my kitty, Ivan. Here is a picture of him.

Thanks for blogging! :)