Thursday, November 20, 2008


This morning I awoke to find a blanket of white covering the world around me. The first snowfall to remain on the ground this year, although there have been a few snowfalls already. I bundled up and took Lola for a walk around the neighbourhood to take it all in. I have to admit I am not a fan of winter. There are things I love about it - my favourite holidays, the warm food, toasty socks, cute hats, scarves and boots, curling up under a blanket with a good book, some handwork, and a cup of cocoa, or perhaps a loved one - mostly indoor things. Talking about this makes me long for a fireplace..and perhaps a mudroom so I wouldn't have to wipe up the floor every time Lola comes inside. I don't like the wet, the cold, or the drivers who are in desperate need of a class or two on winter driving. I'm also not a fan of the mass amounts of snow that accumulate on Lola's furry legs, and melt all over the house once she comes inside. I do think winter is rather pretty though.

As we walked I could see the last remains of Fall peaking through, as the warm sun began melting the snow away. I have trouble letting go of Fall every year, especially when it's as beautiful as the one we just had. The crunch of the snow under my feet is never as satisfying as the crunch of the leaves in the fall.

I love the little bits of colour you can find if you look closely.

And all the interesting shapes to be seen.

I guess winter is not so bad after all. Well, if one can get past the cold and the wet, the roads, and little dogs who track snow throughout the house.