Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pink Polka-Dot Tote.

These are just so much fun to make! Who can resist a sweet pink polka-dot tote bag with a pretty vintage doily on the front? Well, besides people who don't like pink, polka-dots, or doilies.

This fabric comes from good-ness, and it is my very favourite fabric. It's a linen blend, so it feels wonderful, and it's double-sided. One side has sweet little polka-dots, and the other is gingham. I also have this fabric in grey, and I made a tote for myself out of it. I've gotten so many compliments on that bag!

This bag is lined in a cream, pink, blue, and purple floral cotton fabric. I considered leaving it unlined and having the gingham show on the inside, but the lining makes it a bit more sturdy. Plus, I have a thing for lining. It's like a little secret only you, and those you let peek inside your bag, know about. You can be carrying around a clean-lined, sophisticated bag that has a wild fabric on the inside, and nobody would know! Who knows what's inside grandma's brown tweed purse? For all we know she could have a wild flame print going on in there. It adds a touch of fun and mystery to any old bag.

The doily is one of the vintage ones I picked up at the Bazaar on the weekend. I think it fits this bag perfectly.

Available in my shop.

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