Saturday, June 21, 2014

Year Two

Two years ago, I married this amazing guy. To celebrate, we had planned to continue our tradition of visiting the place we were married - this year with Josh on the outside - but it had been raining and humid all day. The thought of a forest full of mosquitoes was not very appealing, so instead we visited my in-laws, went house hunting, and stopped for waffle cones. We will try to pick up the tradition next year, but we did drive by, so I'm counting that as a visit.

This past year has been a blur. So much has brought down our famliy, but the most amazing thing that may ever happen to us happened in July, and changed our lives so much. This guy was born..

After that, the blur resumed because, well, baby! We are sleep deprived, we are anxious new parents, but we are so happy.

I like to follow the yearly tradition gifts, just for fun, and year two is cotton. I think the first two years are pretty straight forward - paper & cotton. Things may get tricky later on, and involve a few substitutions. The Ivory year is not happening. We try to keep things fairly simple and low key with gifts, so I gifted the husband the obvious socks & underwear, a t-shirt he had been wanting, and I crocheted him a manatee out of cotton yarn. I was hoping it would remind him of our Florida honeymoon, and really, I just thought it was funny and adorable.

I used the Crochet Swordfish & Manatee pattern by NeedleNoodles. I didn't have any safety eyes on hand so I used some tiny black buttons.

Next year I need to remember to take photos of us! I always mean to and never do. Must fix!


famousthecat said...

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids! I like the idea of the anniversary tradition gifts. What did you do for paper? I can't believe our one-year anniversary is in just a few months!

Nikki said...

Thank you! Last year I wrote out the reading we had done at our wedding, put my favourite photo from the wedding on top, and framed it, and put an Indigo gift card in with it since he lost some of his favourite books (including some I got for him) when we had a flood in our basement.

Isn't it crazy how fast time goes? I can't believe your little guy is already 4 months old!