Friday, June 13, 2014

In the Garden in June


I love watching this little garden grow. This month I have been enjoying tending and weeding here and there. It's a nice little break at the end of the day. There are bits and pieces that are late or not done at all - like the bush beans I am just getting around to sowing now, at the end of June - but I am trying to take things as they come. There is so much going on with an almost one year old, our extended family (we have been having a rough time lately), and just life as it is, that sometimes things have to wait. I have been filling a notebook with notes on what has worked this year and what hasn't, what I would do differently, and things I would like to try in the future. I am planning out the fall bulbs I want to put into the ground this year, and the flower beds I want to clean up. I am enjoying the tiny harvests we have been getting - strawberry baskets, herbs, the teeny tiny carrots I just had to pull up to see, and soon the radishes I can spy the tops of. I am sad to see the cooler Spring days change into the hot & humid summer, but I am trying to tell myself it is all part of the cycle of the seasons and before I know it the Fall will be here.