Sunday, December 8, 2013

Is It Really December?

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by. Last week Josh turned four months old (and is doing all kinds of new things, like propelling himself across the couch with his legs, laughing the most adorable laughs, and pulling mama's hair), and now we are less than three weeks away from Christmas. Even though he won't really know what's going on, I am so excited to celebrate with him this year. I've already taken him to see the sweetest Santa at one of the local malls, and am hoping to make a visit to the Lowe's Christmas Market. I had planned to go last year, but had just become pregnant with Josh and was feeling really awful those first several weeks. I didn't do many things I had wanted to do last Christmas, so I am making up for it this year! I had been hoping to go to the Christkindl Market in Kitchener since it has been going on for much longer so it has had time to become pretty amazing, but sadly we are home sick this weekend. Next year!

This picture makes me laugh. I had really wanted a Christmas picture of these two, but after several attempts I truly understand why people leave this kind of thing to the professionals. This was the best I got so I didn't bother editing out the background.

We had to wait to put our tree up this year because we had some renovations going on in the basement (after a Thanksgiving flood) and all our Christmas goodies were blocked in a closet down there. When the walls were painted and new carpets put in, we were finally able to get things out. We were also busy moving out of the Pickering Antique Mall. That's right! Lulu and Lolie are still together and we will continue the monthly fleas and are planning to open at Etsy shop, but for many reasons, we decided the Antique Mall wasn't working for us. In the mean time, I needed a little Christmas goodness, so I pulled out the Christmas Pyrex and made a little display on that shelf I thrifted a while back.

This little Pyrex drummer boy bowl has quickly become a new favourite. It's marked "Pyrex tableware" on the bottom.

I'm still finishing up Jer's Christmas stocking and in other crafty attempts, I have been learning to sew with knits. I didn't think it was possible without a serger, but I was so very wrong. So far I've been toying with a bandana bib pattern that works better for us (I wasn't really happy with the fit of these ones I had made, even after tweaking them to include a bit of a cut out neck for a better fit) as well as some baby leggings. I love being able to customize the fit to accommodate those cloth diapers a little better. I'll post a little more about those later on.

I hope everyone is enjoying their December so far!

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