Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Fall Drive

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. We usually have a big get together with family and all the fixings, but my mom was recovering from surgery and I didn't want Josh's first big family gathering to be one I was hosting, so we kept it quiet. It was good we did, because in the middle of cooking a smaller dinner, I walked down to the basement and realized the carpet was soaking wet. We were flooded! Turns out there was a clog in the pipe that was forcing water to come out of a previously capped exposed pipe (no idea where that cap went), and any time we used the kitchen sink more water poured out. The last time our basement flooded we bought a flood alarm so we'd know right away. The flood alarm? It was laying on its side soaking wet. Next time I'm duct taping that thing to the wall because it has to be upright to work. The day quickly turned into a furniture moving, wet vac-ing, carpet cutting, and phone tagging with emergency plumbers kind of day. I am thankful we noticed quickly, and nothing important was destroyed.

With the flood dealt with and industrial fans blowing, on Monday we needed some fun. We went on one of my favourite yearly traditions - a Fall drive to look at the leaves, and getting our pumpkins for the year. It was beautiful out!

He slept right through his very first pumpkin experience. I had planned on switching him to the baby hawk, but he was so peaceful sleeping that Jer carried him in the car seat. Both he and the dog pass out on car rides. I wanted a picture of him in the pumpkins, so this is what I got!

We did our usual abbreviated pumpkin experience at "Front Door Farms". They have piles of pumpkins out front and we take our pick. Next year when Josh is a bit older we will be doing the full on wagon ride to the pumpkin patch where we'll pick for ourselves, and I cannot wait!

It has been such a beautiful Fall this year. I think we may have to do this again next weekend!

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