Tuesday, September 17, 2013

To Market, To Market!

One thing I do love about this city are the awesome markets that pop up every now and then. There are the well established ones, like St. Lawrence, but there are also newer, smaller ones that are quickly growing. This was the third month we've (Lulu & Lolie) done the Leslieville Flea (you can check out our posts on their blog here and here), and it keeps getting better and better. We always take time after setting up to go around to the other vendors, and although it ends up being a bad thing for my wallet, it is so much fun! I've found a few things I had been searching for for a long while. This time I came away with a retro play table and chairs set that was actually Lucy's. She was planning to sell it in our booth, but I snagged it for Joshie instead. I also got an adorable handmade quilt from Broody Hen Designs (who have an Etsy shop you can check out. Is this monkey onesie not the cutest thing?).

When we started up Lulu & Lolie we hadn't really talked doing shows/markets, it was all about setting up our booth in the Pickering Antique Mall. The Mall was just opening, but there was a well established Flea Market and Farmer's Market next door and Pickering is just a few minutes drive from Toronto, so we thought there'd be a good sized crowd coming in. Unfortunately, that hasn't quite been the case. We're still enjoying the booth, but moving on to these markets in Toronto has been a great decision (as well as Leslieville we've done a Harbourfront Festival and the Parkdale Flea). Set-up/take down is quite a bit of work, and much more complicated with a little one, but it is worth it and I am lucky to have so much support. There is no way I could do this otherwise. We've met so many great vendors with a variety of vintage, antiques, and handmades, and lots of great people coming through. We also get visits from some of the sweetest pups out on their morning walks. Customers who weren't able to get out to Pickering can get around the city much easier.

We like to change things up, so our display and stock is different each time. This month we brought out the wool blankets, sweaters, coats, and hats since the weather is getting cooler. Next month (the last month of the year for Leslieville) I'm going to pull out the holiday stash and bring putz houses, mid-century Japan ornaments, and santa mug sets. We both agreed we liked having two clothing racks instead of one. Much more room to browse!


Next Flea I need to take pictures of more of the booths. I always mean to, but I get shy about asking the vendors permission and taking photos in public. At least I took pictures of our booth this time! I will work on that.

 Here's a better view of the baby bird's table. The polka-dot trim is new and I imagine was added to cover up some imperfections, but I love the way it looks. He probably won't use this for a couple years, but I can't imagine I'll find another like it before then.

This is actually a find from the first Flea we did. The two smaller mixing bowls were two of the first Pyrex dishes I ever got, but I hadn't found the larger two at a thrift, or at an antique mall for a reasonable price. I'm still missing the largest bowl, which may be the trickiest to find of the lot.

 I cannot wait for next month's Flea!

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