Monday, September 9, 2013

350+ Tiny White Dogs

I found out about the Toronto Westie Walk the year we got Lola. It was too late to make it that summer, but we were there the next and every year since. A special day each year for our girl to frolick in a field of her own breed. A sea of tiny white Westies. Truth be told, the first year she wasn't so sure about the frolicking, the next she was overwhelmed by all the look-a-likes that she didn't know what to do with herself. She preferred sniffing other dogs to running in the races, she was often more interested in the dog owners rather than the dogs, and she never liked the treats in the goody bags. The novelty was mostly on us, and she probably wouldn't miss it much. Don't get me wrong, she has seemed to enjoy herself every year, if only for all the attention and all those new butts to sniff.

I've been doing the photos for the walk for the past three years. Corey (the lady who runs the rescue) found out about the cat portraits I did for Toronto Cat Rescue and asked if I'd do her walk. Obviously I'm no pro, but I'm cheap and willing to do the work. This year, with my due date having been so close to the walk, I signed off. I promised we'd try to make it anyway if we were feeing up to it, mostly because I felt guilty over things changing for Lola with the new baby and I didn't want to take this away too (again, probably more about me than her, she has been amazing).

My parents usually tag along, but this year it was just Jer, Joshie, Lola, and myself. I love getting the chance to go out just our little family. We didn't stay long (not long enough for the adorable Westie races photos), but we had such a great time. Both Lola and Josh slept the entire ride home and for a long while after that.

Josh was dressed for the occasion in a little Westie onesie. A little silly, but if you saw the amount of Westie license plates in the parking lot you wouldn't think twice about it! I cannot wait until Josh is a little older and can enjoy the Westie Walk with his dog a little more.

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