Sunday, June 23, 2013

Year One

cake topper from the small object.
Jer and I recently celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. Our wedding was such a special day for us, and so much fun to remember (you can see some of the photos..guests and official..on my flickr page). We usually don't go all out with celebrations (well, aside from the year he surprised me with a trip for our dating anniversary!), but we did spend the day together and visited the forest we got married in.
We decided not to spend much on gifts for each other, so I decided to get creative..well, at least a little creative. I'm a sucker for traditions, and since the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper I wanted to do something involving that. I was stumped until a friend posted a quote on facebook from the same book our wedding reading was from. I handwrote our reading out on a piece of plain scrapbooking paper, put my favourite photo of the two of us from our wedding over top of it, and added a couple doodles of the characters my friend created for us for our wedding. I also got him a giftcard for a book. A book is paper, right? Ok, so not very original of me, but he enjoyed it anyway.

After our not so long because this baby belly is getting a little uncomfy walk through the forest we had a quiet dinner at home, looked through the photo guest book from our wedding (and I finally added the photo of my uncle that he returned to me after accidentally pocketing it and forgetting about it...can't have a photo book without him!), and watched a few episodes of Lost, which we've started re-watching.

This first year together as a married couple has been a big one. We've been through a lot, especially during these last several months, but have only grown as a couple from it. In two short months we will be adding to our little family with the arrival of our little baby bird, and I could not be happier. I am so grateful for the life we have together.


famousthecat said...

Congratulations! It seems like just last month you guys were getting married. Lots of love.

Nikki said...

Thanks! It mostly flew right by.