Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Garden Update

This year I had planned to stick with what was already growing in the garden. We are facing two serious family illnesses and one more minor one, an upcoming move, and a baby on the way. The last thing I needed was to add more nurturing and care to that list. But, oh, how those beautiful garden posts sucked me in. Everyone seeding, planting, and growing things. I had to dig my hands into the soil. I tried to keep it simple with just a few colourful flowers and some veggies that may be too late to do much at all.

It turns out that all that nurturing and watching things grow is pretty relaxing and wonderful, and this garden is a nice place to take a break in. I need to remind myself of this. A couple plants are truly not that much work and really do make a difference.

Of course there are all the old favourites growing too.

The doves that nest in our grape vines have also returned, although Lola spotted a squirrel up there yesterday so it may have eaten the eggs. Lots of other little birds have been by too.

There will be lots more garden days this summer, and maybe even some fresh veggies to enjoy.