Thursday, April 18, 2013


It has officially been Spring for around a month now, but the weather here has been slow to catch up. We've been enjoying the warmer days and the little hints that soon it will be here to stay - no more snow!

The first flowers are blooming, adding some brightness to the garden. These purple crocuses are always the first to come up.

One of our favourite garden visitors has been making daily appearances since the weather has been warmer. We're not sure who owns this cat, but he or she loves to sit on our fence and get some pets from us. He's not even afraid of Lola.

Speaking of Lola, she has been spending more and more time out of doors. She loves the snow, but prefers the warmer weather and the company of our neighbours who have been working in their gardens. She has also been enjoying the return of many neighbourhood dog friends that don't come out much in the winter.

I haven't quite decided what will be going into the garden this year (probably not much) since it will be a very busy Spring and Summer, but the warmer weather has me wanting to get some seeds started to put into the ground next month. I do want to try growing some zucchini in a planter since I haven't had luck in the ground for the past several years.

I cannot wait for more warm weather and more colour outside.