Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thrifting with LuluBelle

I first met Lucy during a Pyrex trade night hosted at my home last winter. We've gotten together a few times since, including at our epic Pyrex sale this past summer. This past Monday we went on our second thrifting adventure together and it did not disappoint. Lucy is so much fun!

We met at her place where I played with her adorable dog and cat - Bertram and Lotus (and yes, we are planning a puppy playdate for Bertram and Lola), got a tour of her amazing home including her Pyrex shelves (wow!) and even a backyard waterfall where her broken Pyrex dishes find a home.

Lucy had a list of shops ready and we planned to hit as many as possible before we burnt out. Being on a host of IVF medication at the moment, that didn't take as long as our last adventure, but we still did pretty well.

We're both very methodical about our thrifting. Pyrex shelves first, then housewares, linens, dresses, toys (for vintage FP), and everything else.

We always make sure to hit the Balnkets section too.

We thought we'd showcase some fun finds for you..

This pretty lady can pull off anything!

Pink Martini dress? Sadly, did not come home with us.

We appreciate intricate handmade details.

I almost had to bring this sweater home. It's pretty amazing, isn't it?

Lucy's trunk went from this..

to this..

The day went from sunny to rainy and very windy, but we continued on.

The most amazing find of the day was a beautiful vintage formica table. Lucy had seen it at the Goodwill a few weeks back listed at $200.02, so of course she passed it up. On this day it was marked down to $50.05 and was 75% off. It came to a total of $12.51. Score!

We learned a valuable lesson, which has inspired me to put together a "thrifting kit". Screwdrivers, measuring tape, and other little tools are a necessity. Here, lucy attempts to loosen the bolts with a huge pair of pliers since the shop only had this and an allen key set.

We were so excited over this find that we accidentally locked the keys in the car. Oops! We had to wait for CAA to come rescue us with their magic loop while we waited with Lucy's new table in the rain.

Despite our little set back, which really just made our adventure more interesting, we had a great time. Our day came to an end with plans for another trip with more friends. We both took photos of our finds to share with a thrifting group. Mine (details about each item on my flickr page)..

And Lucy's (borrowed from her flickr)..

I'm sure there will be many more Thrifting with LuluBelle posts to come!


famousthecat said...

No joke, that is exactly the table I want (eventually) for our kitchen! What an awesome find. I love the reindeer especially, and I SO WISH you had gotten that insane sweater.

Let's go trifting together one of these days!

Nikki said...

When I visit in the Spring? Maybe we can set aside a little time to do some thrifting! I think Miss Fish would be up for it too.