Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vintage Sheet Quilt

You got a sneak peek of this project in my last post.

A while back I received several vintage sheet fat quarters from a friend. I had intended to start an Oh My Stars quilt using them, but I kept putting it off because I knew it would be a big project and I have several of those on the go already. A few days ago I was craving and quick and simple project, so I decided to dip into that stack.

Using a queen sized vintage flat sheet as a backing and a thin cotton batting in the middle, I made an easy patchwork quilt. It's the perfect weight for warm nights, and is just thin enough that it's easy to roll up and take along for picnics.

I only used 20 squares total for the quilt top. To keep things simple, I didn't use any binding. I just stitched wrong sides together with the lining on top, flipped it right side out, and closed up the hole with an invisible stitch (or blind stitch). I also didn't do any actual quilting. I tied pieces of yarn through the layers at each corner to help keep things together. In total it took about three hours from start to finish. Cutting and laying everything out was what took the most time.

I'm still planning on making an Oh My Stars quilt, but it may have to wait a while longer.

We got to test this quilt out this past weekend at the Westie Walk, and we just loved it! It was the perfect size for everyone to sit on during our picnic (my parents come to the walk with us so they can participate in all the events with Lola while I'm running around and snapping pictures) and the perfect size for two to lay down on and stare up at the clouds. Well, if everyone is willing to share that is!

Lola also approves, which probably means this will be another quilt claimed by her and Charlie.

Aside from the fat quarters I had, the rest were cut from vintage sheets found at thrift shops. If you have trouble finding the perfect sheets, there are many options on Etsy. I sell full sheets in my shop, which work great if you want to keep to a few patterns. For fat quarters, my favourites are thought and found, vintage sheet variety, ironsea, and happy notions. If you do a search, there are many more shops with beautiful sheets to be found.

Even though the weather is shifting, I'm hoping we can get several more picnics using this quilt in before the end of the season!

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