Saturday, December 31, 2011

Folksy Flannels

It's done! It's done! And the cat has claimed it as her own, so I know it was a success. I was a little iffy on flannel for a quilt, especially a double layer, but it worked out wonderfully. It is warm and cosy, and so what if it's a cat fur magnet? It really is the perfect winter quilt.

I started this some time last year, which is how most of my projects go. I'm slow, what can I say? I ran into some little snags along the way, like cutting out all the squares and arranging them and not liking the result at all.

After sitting on it a while, I decided to split up the colours. Pink/yellows on one side, blues/greens on the other.

I also misjudged how wide I could make this thing before I ran out of fabric, so my seam ripper got a little work out. This also happened a lot..

 And then the binding went on, which was a pain because I am awful at making binding and sandwiching the quilt properly. This time I serged around the edges of the quilt, and basted the binding on to make sure I'd catch both sides with my seams. It helped.

Now, I get to curl up under this soft, warm quilt and enjoy it..well, when the cat hasn't plopped herself atop it, that is.

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