Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wedding Thoughts

I've been thinking about weddings a lot lately and have had many ideas spinning through my head. For ours, I want things simple, but sweet, with handmade touches. I want it to reflect us and our quiet, in the forest, venue. A while back I came across these little flower popper pins and thought they were so much fun. A pin for everyone to wear and enjoy, and take home if they want to. Trying to keep the finances in check, I decided I would make them myself. How hard can they be, right?

Turns out, not very! Some fabric, a needle and thread, and a pin-back. But oh, do they ever take a lot of time. Cutting out 10 layers for each pin certainly is a lengthy process, even with pieces of fabric layered one on top of the other. Still, I am persevering and will complete no less than 100 of these pins before next June. I may very well come to regret that decision when I get to #50 or so. For now, I just think they're really very cute.

Along with crafting, there has been some thrifting and antiquing, mostly for centerpieces and decor. These jars will be added to a collection I've already got going, to hold flowers and line the aisle.