Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Goodies

I tried out a few new recipes for my dad's retirement party. It seemed like the perfect time to experiement and have some fun, and it turned out to be a hit. I made this wonderful strawberry lemonade (recipe from the black apple). It was a big hit with our guests. I had to make three extra pitchers because we kept running out.

It really is a great way to use up those extra berries! My mom just brought me a bag of lemons so I could make her another batch.

I also ventured into cakepops. I've seen these things pop up everywhere and have always wanted to try them, but felt a little intimidated. It turns out they are super easy to make (well, the outer layer can be a bit tricky if you want it to be perfectly smooth). They are intensely sweet, but I'm sure there are some less-sweet cakepop recipes floating around somewhere. In my case, I used vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, and chocolate flavoured candy melts. Oh, so good. Unfortunately the leftovers will be hanging around a while since one is more than enough.

All lined up and ready to be dipped in their outer candy shell.

Not bad for a first try.

And now, back to lemons!

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