Friday, June 10, 2011

Growing, growing, growing.

The Lily of the Valley have finished, but the peonies are in full bloom and the garden is thriving. This time of year is so refreshing, so full of life.

My messy little strawberry/veggie patch will soon be a sea of green.

Tiny grape tomatoes beginning. Hopefully this plant with flourish as much as ones in previous years.

Green beans sprouting out of the warm soil.

And red, juicy strawberries for morning smoothies and late afternoon snacks. I will never get tired of garden fresh produce from this little plot of land of ours.

The Tea Leaves is also growing, after hitting a little snag that had me knitting backwards ten or so rows to fix it. I'm back on track now, after a wonderful knitting date with a good friend I met at school this year. She is an accomplished knitter with lots of knowledge and advice to share.

She's working on a gorgeous featherweight cardigan. I cannot wait to see it finished!

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