Friday, May 13, 2011

Sitting and KnittingCrocheting

Sitting out in the garden with Lola, and working on the middles to some more granny squares is the perfect way to end a busy May day. It is glorious outside and the garden is growing and blooming, and is just filled with life. A garden post is definitely on its way. I have decided to aim high with my grannies and work towards a blanket. It may be a small blanket, and it may take months and months, but it will get there. This is the perfect project to keep my hands busy without having to think too much about what they are doing.

Today was also a perfect mail day, with a package full of vintage goodies arriving at my doorstep. These wood spools, shaped like pine trees, are perfection. I'm not sure what I will do with them, but they sure are pretty to look at.

These little wooden people beads came too. How sweet are they? I seem to be gathering quite the collection of tiny wooden, beautifully painted people.

They go quite nicely with this little 10 cent mushroom man I picked up thrifting a while ago. The poor dear is missing an arm, but he is so charming perched atop his mushroom, sitting underneath a flower. He is really a Christmas tree ornament, but he seems much more suited to Spring to me.


angelina said...

do you know what? i love this. the vintage spools!! the little crochet circles in a pyrex. so wonderful. and crossing out knitting for crochet! i am right. there. now. since discovering crochet truly , and understanding it, i am now officially a crochet freak. ps. are you making a blanket with those circles? tell me more....x

loliecraft said...

I love knitting, but I can crochet so much faster and I am loving granny squares right now. The circles will be turned into squares and then turned into a blanket. It might take a while though!

The vintage spools are one of my most favourite finds. I have never seen ones like them before.