Wednesday, May 4, 2011


My year in Peterborough ended on Saturday. The year was a struggle in many ways, but I am trying to take away the good and leave the bad behind. My beautiful apartment was carefully taken apart and moved back to Toronto. Into a basement, and anywhere else it will fit. You see, this year I am house sitting. I have trimmed down a lot, donating, sharing, trading, and posting on Etsy once again, but I will admit that there has been a teensy bit of thrifting too. I haven't had much time for it in many months, so it is hard to resist when I do get the chance.

I finally got that sewing box I had been dreaming of. I found it at an antique mall, full of vintage notions and trims, a steal at less than $10.

Right now I am looking forward to a special GTA Pyrex meet-up/trade a few of us are planning for early next month. There may be some antiquing too. I cannot wait!


MFD and TBG said...

My mum had that exact same sewing box when I was little. Lost it in our house fire though. Great find!

What's your etsy site?

loliecraft said...

I'm so sorry about the house fire. That's awful. I hope everyone got out safely.

My etsy site is I only have vintage toys and sewing things listed in there right now. Hopefull some handmade things will make it in there very soon :)

loliecraft said...
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