Saturday, August 14, 2010

Right Now...

There is mama and five four week old kittens, rescued from an awful situation, taking up temporary refuge in our finished basement. There is a lot of nursing, cudding, and playful antics for the kittens, and eating and gaining strength for mama.

There is a lot of reassuring and attention giving to the four permanent animal residents.

There is a lot of harvesting from the garden. Blackberries and tomatoes by the bowlful!

There is a lot of last minute crafting before the big move.

There is a lot of anticipation, preparation, excitement, and some sadness and worry.

And some last minute thrifting.

There are good friends, good food, and summer celebrations.

There are a lot of long days out in the sun, soaking up the last bits of this summer.

And things are good. Yes, they are oh, so good.


Amber (Woodmouse) said...

Wow, so much I could comment on. Kittens! Tomatoes! Wow, that credenza is beautiful too.

loliecraft said...

Thank you! It has been a lovely summer.