Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fabric Basket.

You got a little hint of this project in my last 365 post. I'm not sure how I like posting a collage like that once every 8 days, but for now it is working out okay.

A flickr friend made one of these and posted it on her photostream, along with a link to the pattern, and I was inspired. What better way to store odds and ends? It's so quick and easy, and so cute! I'm planning to make more of differing sizes that can nest into each other when empty.

The outer fabric is a Japanese cotton canvas that I bought on Etsy. The lining is from my local fabric shop, and I will update this post with the designer once I check the selvage. I used a heavy interfacing so the basket would keep its shape better. Most important - I ironed the edges like crazy to get the square shape! Without ironing it stays sort of round.

I filled it with some of my favourite yet-to-use craft supplies - cute wooden buttons, vintage trims, wooden thread spools, and pretty beads. For now it sits on my bed side table to inspire me each morning. The more I see my supplies, the more ideas I have for crafts, and that is always a good thing.

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