Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It has been a while! A very long while. I am still here, and looking forward to get back into regular posting. It has been a very busy fall, but now things are winding down. My sewing machine broke for good in early September and I wasn't able to replace it until last week. I am so glad to be sewing on a machine again! Just in time to make some handmade holiday gifts. As always I am very much looking forward to the holidays. This weekend will be full of decorating, hot chocolate, secret sewing, and the last of the holiday bazaars. It is just the beginning!

Do you have anything special planned?


Frazzled Mama said...

so cute! movies soon! got a new dvd player.

tuesday said...

welcome back! unfortunately, southern california is still rather warm...the holidays just isn't the same when it's sunny outside!

loliecraft said...

I understand what you mean. It hadn't snowed here until today so it was very hard getting in the mood. Normally I'm all about the holidays starting mid-November. I'm sure I'd take the sunny warm over snow the rest of the winter though!