Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Roller Coasters.

Here is a secret to those who don't know me well - I love roller coasters. Big ones, little ones, wood ones, steel ones, water ones, bobsled ones, looping ones, I love them all! Jer whisked me away to Florida for ten days (an anniversary gift to me) to visit several amusement parks and spend three days at the beach afterwards. It was wonderful! I had taken a break from coaster riding due to some medical issues, so it was nice to be back on those trains, flying around giant tracks.

Here is a little peek..

As much fun as I had, it is nice to be out of the crowds and the Florida heat, and back in the comfort of my home. I missed my pets dearly. I can't say I wouldn't go back in a heartbeat if given the chance though!
After I get through the 1000+ pictures I took (yes, that's not a typo, I did actually take over one thousand pictures), I will post pictures of my garden. It has grown so much!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE rollercoasters too!!!
now i want to go to wonderland, way to go Nikki! ;)

Vonlipi said...

You're lucky girl! Just the thought of a roller coaster makes me really,really puky!

loliecraft said...

Nikki - Let me know if you go to Wonderland this year. Maybe we can get Janet to come and we can make it a girls day!

Vonlipi - I used to hate roller coasters when I was younger, but I love them now. They're definitely not for everyone!

Anonymous said...

I think that would be a blast! :D
A girly outing to Wonderland sounds awesome! :)
I had a "thing" about going to Wonderland on my birthday every year (missed a couple though), because I always win a toy on that day somehow haha... So maybe mid-summer?