Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Holidays.

This has been a busy week! Mid-terms (my University was on strike for three months, so our second semester has been pushed far forward), a Spring haircut for a certain little pup, dog safety lessons for grade one students, Passover Seders with friends and family, a show played by a friend's band, and now Easter weekend. It seems that in the rush I completely forgot to carry my camera with me. During a quiet moment early this morning I brought it out for the first time since Monday, as I hung ornaments on our Easter tree. I guess I can't really call it a tree as it's really only a few branches in a vase. Most of the ornaments were thrifted last fall. They were originally attached to wires wrapped with coloured tape, which I did not like the look of at all. They were easy to remove, and I think they look great hanging from branches. They remind me of the Erzgebirge Easter ornaments, which I think attracted me to them. I love Erzgebirge ornaments!

As you can see, my dear Snowie likes to perch herself on the dining room table. She had to be included.

This little egg was thrifted along with the other ornaments. The bouquet was sent along with an Etsy order, and I thought it looked perfect tied around this vase.

I especially love the little painted eggs. I wouldn't mind having a whole tree of just these!

This bunny is actually from my childhood easter basket. It's a little larger than the rest of the ornaments, but I thought it still fit in quite well.

A row of rabbits ready to be hung! A couple are missing ears, but most are in very good condition. A lucky find!

I did a little rearranging of the dining room plant table, and here the tree will stay through the rest of the weekend (and probably a little longer too)!

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