Monday, December 22, 2008

Gift Giving.

Everything's still in the shop, but I've taken some pictures with the point and shoot and uploaded them onto the laptop so I could share a few things.

The gift giving began last week with gifts given to friends at work. This year we went with simple homemade gifts. The recipients are teachers, so something practical was a must. What can every teacher use more of? Square bottom tote bags, of course! Tote bags with fabric carefully selected for each.

Lined with cute prints, as if I would have it any other way.

This wool fabric with pink embroidery was my favourite, and this bag went to someone very special to me. I wish I had made this bag a little smaller though so it fell better when held. The legnth was fine, but it was a little too wide. I still like how it came out, and I was told it got a wonderful response. I may have to use the leftover fabric to make a matching bag for the daughter of the person this one went to. She wanted to keep it for herself!

I wasn't crazy about this fabric to begin with, I only chose it because it fit the recipient perfectly (classic, with a touch of fun), but I'm very happy with the finished result. I was toying with the idea of placing buttons in the middle of the black and red ribbon flowers, but nothing fit quite right. After lots of playing around I decided it was best as it was.

I packaged them up in some homemade gift bags. Bags inside bags! I wasn't crazy about this fabric either, it reminds me of neck ties or grandpa pajamas, but my mom convinced me it would make cute gift bags. I guess it does.

I always worry if homemade gifts will be liked by those I make them for, but I think most people appreciate the sentiment if nothing else. I hope everyone is happy with their gifts this year!

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