Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Remembrance Day was yesterday, and this has been a week of Remembering for me. The focus on Remembrance Day is put on those who fought with arms for our country, but my thoughts turn to so many more. I think of those who fought in many ways to give us the opportunities we have today. I reflect on those strong souls who have changed the world, many forgotten and without credit, and those who continue to change it. I think of family, those who have influenced and changed my life. Today it is important for me to stop and look back, as well as forward. Yesterday I sat with a stack of old albums by my side, one of my favourite pastimes, taking the time to reflect on each aging photograph. These faces bring me comfort and strength.

I've heard the story of each photograph many times, slightly changing depending on who the teller was.

Some of my favourite memories are looking through these albums with loved ones, many of whom are no longer here to share them with me.

And some of whom I've only ever known through these photographs.

It's a good thing I know the stories by heart.

In a way I'm sad that most of my photographs are stored on my computer. I think half the fun of looking at these photographs is holding the album in my hands, turning each page, and seeing the fading pictures arranged thoughtfully on the pages. Clicking a mouse is not quite the same.

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