Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In the garden, 2015

Things are growing again! Oh, yes they are. I started my seedlings in late March, and they are almost ready to go into the ground. We've been hitting some really high temps, but with the way the weather jumps around I really don't want to take any chances with frosty mornings. The May 24 weekend is usually when we get things planted in these parts. I did get an earlier start with the radishes, beets, and peas, which went into the ground a couple weeks ago.

I took notes on what worked really well in previous years, what didn't, what really wasn't worth growing when I only have so much space in the garden (like, carrots are really cheap at the grocery store and kind of a pain in the butt to grow. Broccoli and cauliflower can be more pricey depending on the week, but I definitely spent more on the seeds and watering the two heads of each that actually grew than I would have buying them at the store), and what I wanted to try.

So what's growing this year? So far, the usual annuals, and the bulbs I planted last fall that hadn't been dug out by squirrels. Our rhubarb is also ready to be picked, so we will be making crisp this weekend. In seedling form we have a few varieties of tomatoes, sweet peppers (yes, I am trying these again), a couple types of cucumber, zucchini, marigolds (I always plant these beside my tomatoes to keep the pests away), a couple types of flowers, and the rest of the veggies will go straight into the ground.

I planted a few new raspberry canes as some of the old ones really took a beating from Lola running in and out of the bushes. We also have some crazy weeds that strangle the bushes that are hard to keep a handle on because our neighbour in the back doesn't pull weeds and they keep coming through the fence. Hopefully the new canes take and we get some extra berries next year.

I also planted two top hat blueberry bushes in planters and am hoping that with some effort and care they will start producing next year or the one after. For now they are tiny, tiny.

Non-growing additions will be some play areas for Josh, although I guess those will grow in other ways as he gets older. More updates through the growing season!


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